Learn about DC Water Investor Relations, including ESG Reporting and Green Bonds, Featured News, Key Projects, and The Team.
Daily Gallons of Clean Water
98 million
Current Senior Bond Ratings
Total Outstanding debt (as of January 2024)
$3.72 billion

Why Buy DC Water Bonds – “Water is Life”

Stable and Growing Customer Base

  • Strong Service Area with Highly Diverse and Rated Customer
  • BaseRobust and Growing Regional Economy
  • Essential and Affordable Provider of Water and Sewer Services
  •  Ample Water Supply and Wastewater Treatment Capacity

Proven Rate Setting Process and Financial Metrics

  • Proven Ability and Willingness to Raise Rates to Maintain High Levels of Debt Service Coverage. Projected 10yr Average Annual Rate Increase of 7.8%
  • Board Policies: 250 Days of Cash on Hand for Operating and Maintenance Expenditures per Fiscal Year and 1.6x for Combined Debt Service Coverage
  • Management Targets and Delivers Higher Targets for Debt Service Coverage (Senior -1.4x, Sub 1.2x) and Cash Balances then Indenture Requires (1.2x)
  • Actual Debt Service for Combined Debt (1.90x) is Well Above Covenanted 1.2x
  • Manageable Variable Debt Exposure, 8% of Total Debt, with no corresponding Interest Rate Swaps
  • Conservative Budgeting and Forecasting Minimizes Financial Metric Volatility
  • 52% of CIP Financed with PAY-GO and Wholesale Payments

Environmental Stewardship

  • Issuance of Unique Environmental Impact Bond Highlights Our Commitment to the Environment
  • Leader in Green Bond Issuance in the Municipal Water & Sewer Space with Annual Independent Green Report and Third-Party Opinion or Rating for Each Green Issuance
  • D.C. Clean Rivers Project Segregated Proceeds

Experienced Management Team

  • Experienced and Financial Conservative Management Team with a Deep Bench
  • Strong Support from Regional Board
  • Committed to a Responsible Sustainability and Corporate Governance Policies

ESG Reporting and Green Bonds

Learn about our environmental, social, and governance program, and how we bring those values to life with green bonds, sustainable projects, and more.

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Key Projects

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The Team

David Gadis

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) & General Manager

(202) 787-2000

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Matthew Brown

CFO and EVP, Finance, Procurement, and Compliance

(202) 787-2000

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Ivan Boykin

Vice President, Finance

(202) 787-2706


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Henok Getahun

Manager, Treasury & Debt

(202) 787-2164


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